Tuesday, January 31, 2012

just 9gagging...

First off,in my defense,school is being really crappy after the holidays and due to severe tasks I'm too damn tired and lazy and tired to post crap on the internet,okay children now we got that outta the way,today's topic is,that's right, www.9gag.com ,if you've never heard of fucking 9gag,please go shoot yerself,thank you.This won't be a long post,I'll make it as effing short and sweet as fricking possible,and I'm lazy so I'm gonna post some of 9gag's best,fresh from the hot and trending page,enjoy douches.

(I find this one hilarious and creative,so damn funny,literally rotflmao something to tell off the neighbours eh?)

This was longer than I thought,meh whatever its all I got,see you in the next post,cheerio.

Friday, January 6, 2012


Blog famous yet?no not quite there yet I still have like 7 billion readers to go but hey I'm getting there,even if theres like only one reader here.(me)
Its sunday in my timezone and tommorow,all of us are going back to our boring and suckish daily routines,back to our jobs,daily chores and of course us young folks have to get back to the undoubtedly most ill-driven place on the face of the earth we call "school".
This is really the first time I'm giving out my time zone and the fact that I am still in school,my last postings wasn't anywhere near me referring to school,just some random bullshit that has at least one reference to school,like that IGCSE exam stuff or that stuff about the summer and hummer crap(the post was actually the most viewed post out of all of my entries,grab a cookie if you're one of the viewers)but its not even funny,good God.So I decided to be kinda open about me,oh wow that kinda sounds so cheesy and pathetic,I can't post this to you people,you'll read it and make fun of me(whats wrong with me these days?dear God)Then again there are no "you people" here because I'm the only one here,I'm really bitchy and whiny about this "why don't I have as many readers as Perez Hilton?" "Why is my blog worse than that awful empty bar in the middle of Toronto?"(never been,but always wanted to go there)"How come that kid with the funny video on youtube gets like a million hits and I barely have one?" "Why is lady Gaga always winning those grammy awards?"
That last one was a tad bit awkward and a tad bit irrelevant I mean Gaga has a really,uhmm pop voice?I'm not much of a fan of that weirdly dressed diva,"born this way" eh?so she was born to wear a meat dress?(honestly I've always wanted a meat t-shirt,or a meat hoodie,or any piece of clothing made out of pure meat)
I got lost,so I forgot what the hell I was talking about before that Lady Gaga crap and waaayy to lazy to scroll up and see what was I talking about,I'm sure that it was about going back to school,kinda,so bottomline I'm starting school tomorrow 6 approximately 6 more months of pure torture and inhuman trials that even Hitler himself wouldn't dare to try it on his poor victims,damn I hate mondays.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Page 5 of 366

(I've been hearing about this 366 page book that everyones talking about,haven't found it in the stores yet)
Alrighty,promised myself that I'd write a lot more in hopes of getting enough dirty cash to get that shit-coloured Camaro 1969 I've always wanted.

Wow if you all noticed yet,I've been writing and erasing,all day,trying to figure out what to say,I'm actually thinking of erasing all of this this entire post because I feel like its so shitty and sucky and so full of crap but Thank God I'm to lazy to reach that backspace button on my $1 keyboard I bought on sale.

If you haven't got my point yet(imbeciles)I'm running out of ideas,okay I was about to write something about a dog getting choked on horse poo,or about a drunk 40 year old about to puke on some weird fat kid who I thought was hilarious because why the hell is he there?hmm actually when I think about it those ideas were so cool,regret that I didn't write it down,damn.

And I really really can't believe I'm saying this but I need YOUR,thats right YOUR input,I mean what do you want me to write about or what should I do if I want to keep your asses on staying on my blog,got anything,please there's a chat box on the top right if u haven't noticed(did you guys even go to school?sorry,on anger management)please take the oh-so important 5 second of your beautiful or boring life to give me some ideas so I can make this blog awesome again(forget the again part,this blog was never awesome)I'm aware of how pathetic I sound right now but every blogger's gotta start somewhere right?so yeah if you're reading this,the chat box is right there,its new,its free,and I sound like promoting some kind of spam virus for a free tv show on the internet.

Found out that pictures are interesting so I scattered some randomly throughout the post,some of them don't have any particular reference to anything I'm saying,but hey its worth a thousand words,no,not really.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Doomsday is near

yeah,got so fuckin bored,and agreed to the fact that my life is goin downhill faster than a fat guy in a trolley on top of a frickin mountain.(I'm also getting funnier-ish,whatever)
Ignore the title,I don't want to get your hopes up for like y know,2013,but whatevs,got a prob?don't hurt me you can't get anywhere near me cuz I'm like a damn ninja.(I reaaallly need to get my shit and life together)
Its a good thing that no one actually reads this crap,not even you,yeah you,you're just so damn bored that you decided to open this son of a gun's loserific(whaa?)blog,don't you?If anyone were to know what the hell I write here or who in God's name wrote this uselessly dull and unethical(completely irrelevant)piece of garbage,well I'd be famous,and you don't want that to happen don't you,you sad incompetent-little-kid-who-randomly-browses-the-web-like-a-billion-other-kids-out-there.(My mom got me a dictionary btw,which is where I got these crispy vocabs,Happy Hanukah)This one is a bit lengthier than my other crappy posts but who cares,need I remind you hipsters that no one on earth even reads this crap.
Wow what a bad way to start the oh-so-important NEW YEAR,"lets celebrate this year with a bang" they say,(I added the quotation marks for critical sarcasm just so you know,teehee :D)
Well this is how I would "celebrate this year with a bang"

I'm so sorry,I dont know who or how that got in there,bottomline,wrong pic.

There we go,this is my way of "ending the year with a bang",and you can't do anything about it lousy blog-suckahs(priceless,just priceless)I've always wanted to say that,and I just did,lifetime wish completed,next up:Finding and taming a unicorn.(They're real,don't tell me they're not cause they are real,okay?I have unbiological and mental proof(s) that the rare so called non-existant unicorn actually do exist,so shut up you haters,Kanye has one of DA BEST VIDEO OF ALL TIME)Lousy Kanye reference,huh,wonder if he's related to Adam West in anyway.
Okay back on topic,actually what the hell is the topic?I've been writing for one hour and not at the least bothered to look at the title because of my very short attention span(I don't even know what that is,nor do I want to know)So as we speak,Nazi revivals(what is wrong with me)are secretly planning on a very very very secret project to piss of something or someone or a group of those someones.This is really the worst way to start of the last year of the oh-so-scary mayan calendar which in this case is "the REAL calendar" given the negative thoughts and not even one joke or bad pun included in this down-to-earth scripture.(I'm running out of words)
I gotta end this,this is by far the longest blog post I've ever made,cheers,have a "realistic" year(I don't wanna say good cuz Im afraid I'll jinx it)and remember to water the plants,or somethin.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Return of the Lazy Freak

oh wow my last post was on december 2010?that's really,wow.
0_0 0_0 0_0 0_0 0_0 0_0 0_0 0_0
Well no one ever reads this damn blog anyway,even tho the view counter says its almost 5000 views,its broken or something and besides who the hell even reads this stupid blog? Its like im talking to my own f*cking self right now.

Hey if anyone is seeing this blog for some reason,I have a question,am I allowed to use the f word when I fricking want to?like do I get blocked if I use the effing f word without any censors?as you can see all my curse words have either stars or are written in damn numbers,it looks terrible tho,I'd rather use the damn word than mix it with stars and stupid numbers.Anyhow I was effing bored,and pissed when I wrote this,so it probably wouldn't be as good as my old stuff,but here it goes.

Hmm.okay what the hell was I gonna say,oh btw if you haven't realized yet,I made a new design,its not like anyone cares or read this crap but whatever.
Ah God I forgot how to do this blogging crap,its really effing embarrassing,I was a great blogger ya know?I'm not in the effing mood to freaking write stuff right now so I'm gonna post some idiotic and random pictures,enjoy.
*searching for pictures*
Ah u know what,I changed my mind,no pics,I'm done.

Saturday, December 4, 2010


(This is the lamest title I have ever made up)
Alright,time for a new blog post,remember,reading is for nerds,writing is for cool people,like me
Hmm lets see whats on the news,the koreans are using guns to kill each other(boring)
Obama just declared gay-free day(awesome,but boring)
Obama isn't american(boring)
ah here's a non boring story!!
We have just entered the last month of 20100(that wasn't a typo :p nerds)and I feel like a freak,just doing what he does best,thats right,foggling.Okay for some of u retards who can't even understand the word foggling,let me define you what foggling means.(I sound exactly like my english teacher peter,or was it eric??or was it joel?its gotta be joel that frenchy)
Foggling:an act of making someone boring and idiotic to read your own blog in a maniac fashion.
Got that from harvard's american dictionary 19991(americans can make their own dictionary,amazing)
e.g:I am severly foggling up your backside(I can't use the term a** since google actually blocked the word from the internet)
Another one:that freakishly charming dude just foggled me up!!I feel like a freak now
I want to continue but if I do that would be teaching u and teaching is a form of torture so buh bye homosapiens

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

IFGCSE(Internationally F*ckingly Gay Certificate of Shitty Education)

Pardon me for the awesomely "vulgar"(beautiful)title.(oh btw thats obama when I told him about IFGCSE)
So what is IFGCSE??(without the F,idiots)its a system that schools use to torture us like hell.Without the fire tho.Kids don't listen to what teachers and parents(well moms coz dads are too drunk to care),those people(or should i say tricksters) will tell u that IGCSE is awesome,they'll say that it'll help u in the future don't listen to them God damnit!!
Well for some of u idiots out there here is some tips to get away from IFGCSE(with an F)or just to pass the IFGCSE without learning
-BURN THE SCHOOL(I'll give a free iPad for someone who burns my school)
-Bribe the teachers,bribe the school(i'll give an iPad for someone who bribes my teachers to give ME good grades)
-Cheat and not get found out(none of u can do it)
-Cheat and get found out(all of u can do it)
-Cry like a baby,they'll give u a good grade,just ask my friend calvin

Thats all I can get humans and umm others,toodles